How To Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity and Attract Clients like Bees to Honey

A Facts About Public Relations:

  • Increases your visibility and exposure
  • Bestows Third Party Credibility and Instant Expert Status
  • As a Recognized Expert you can charge more for your services
  • Publicity begets more publicity
  • Boost rankings online - prospects find you more easily

What You Will Learn:

  • The A to Z’s of Public Relations
  • Which Press Distribution services are the best
  • The best Free Publicity tools and resources
  • How to leverage your publicity and turn it into more publicity, speaking gigs, high paying clients
  • How to use inexpensive outsourcers to create your public relations campaigns
  • How and when to contact a journalist, and what to say once you contact them
  • And much, much more…….

You will come away with :

  • The Knowledge and Resources you need to be your own Public Relations Dept
    so you will be able to generate a steady stream of publicity for you and your business
  • How to be a Media VIP
  • Your Unique Publicity Action plan
  • Your Own Targeted Media List

“Thank you for the work you put into your product. I know its going to help me get more press!…”
Jan Brown, JHB Consulting

Program Details:


  • 8 Video Training Modules [watch-over-my-shoulder]
  • PR Handbook – [printable]
  • Swipe Files – The exact emails, pitch letters I have used to successfully get published in print, online…
  • Resource Guide – chock full of the best tools PR  resources [mostly free]
  • Templates and Worksheets Including:
        - 100+ Publicity Ideas
        - SEO Press Release Guide
        - Publicity Checklist
        - Publicity Goals Worksheet
        - Media List Worksheet
        - Press Pitch Format
        - How To Build an Online Media Room
        - Interview Prep Worksheet 


Bonus 1: 30 Fill-in-The -Blank Press Release Templates
Price only $197